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Video Poems:

A video poem of 'Tsinghua Spring' from A Force That Takes (2013).

A video poem of 'Guang Hua Road' is also

available here.

Video of Readings:

Online launch of Vital Signs (Cinnamon Press, 2024), also featuring Omar Sabbagh's For Echo (Cinnamon Press, 2024). Full recording with Q&A. 

Online launch of And Then the Rain Came (Cinnamon Press, 2022), also featuring Omar Sabbagh's new collection Morning Lit: Portals of Alia (Cinnamon Press, 2022). 
Full recording with Q&A. 

Reading at the 2014 Bookworm International Literary Festival with thanks to Eleanor Goodman for her introduction and Canaan Morse and Anthony Tao for organizing.

Reading 'Beijing in Bright Spring Light' at the launch of A Force That Takes (2013), 1st May 2013, The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, London.

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